Video Marketing Trends in Australia 2017

06 Jun Video Marketing Trends in Australia 2017

Content marketers are not using video nearly as much as they should be, research has found.

By 2020, nearly a million minutes of video content will go live every second and will make up 82% of all consumer traffic globally. Asia Pacific will account for 35% of all video content (CISCO). 

Projected consumer video traffic globally and in Asia Pacific

We surveyed a range of Australian brands and professionals in marketing and communications. ALL of them said they incorporated video in their content marketing strategy for 2017/18.

Despite the growing importance of reaching your audience with videos, a wider look at Australian content marketers revealed the following tactics were still being used ahead of video:

  • Social media content
  • Email newsletters
  • In-person events
  • Blogs


If you think we’re getting closer to using videos more each year, you would be wrong. Videos were actually one place higher up the order of content marketing tactics used for 2015/16.

What kind of opportunities are we missing out on by not using video more? How long does the average person watch a video for? Do videos really improve sales or conversions?

Read on to find out.

Video Marketing Statistics

We examined several comprehensive studies to see exactly how videos are being consumed and circulated online.

How Users Watch Videos

A study of Australian users revealed that social media users watch 51 minutes of video content every day. A broader look around the world showed the following:

  • In 2016, time spent viewing videos increased 39% from the year before 
  • In 2018, mobile devices will account for 64% of all online video consumption.
  • 55% of people consume video content thoroughly 
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds


Video Trends for Social Media

AudienceSlightly more menSlightly more womenBroad and global
Age Groups18-29 & 30-4918-29 & 30-4925-34 & 35-44
Video Length30 seconds or less15 seconds16-120 seconds
InsightVideo views grew 220% in one year prior to Sep 201685% of video is watched without soundUsers watch videos “to relax” and “to feel entertained”


How Marketers Use Videos

A survey emailed to Australian marketers from Content Marketing Institute, ADMA, MarketingProfs and WTWH Media (65% B2B, 13% B2C, 22% both) revealed the following:

  • 64% used pre-produced videos as a content marketing tactic. 13% used videos from live-streaming media
  • The average amount of content marketing tactics used was eight
  • Using pre-produced videos was the fourth most critical content marketing tactic for overall success in 2017 (38%)

The most popular content marketing tactics used in Australia

How Videos Impact Conversion

So what, if people are watching more videos. Does it mean this behaviour leads to a subscription, sale or conversion? 83% of Australian consumers interact with brands on social media and 48% of them made a purchase after watching a branded video. Other trends for global audiences include the following:

  • Nearly half of users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store
  • 4 out of 5 consumers believe that demo videos are helpful and 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

  • 68% of YouTube users watch videos to make a purchase decision
  • Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% 

What actions users took after viewing a video

Video Marketing Insights From Australian Content Marketers 

To give you an idea of how other industries have utilised video marketing, we approached a range of Australian brands and companies and asked them how they incorporated video in their marketing strategy for 2017/18.

All Used Facebook to Post Videos

“For my clients – we recently did a Facebook comp and then to announce the winner I got them to do a video – you had to watch the video in order to see if you won. This got huge organic traction. 50% of the people that saw the video actually clicked on it and watched at least 20 seconds of it. On a normal post we would expect around a 1-10% click through – so 50% was spectacular.”
– Jessie Weatherley, Creative Director of Jork Consulting

“We have even changed our facebook background image to be a video (new Facebook functionality recently released).”
– Dean Salakas, Chief Party Dude of The Party People 

The most popular social media channel used to post videos for Australian marketers

The number of social media channels Australian marketers used to post videos

Majority of Marketers Used Instructional Videos

This video was an educational video about our product. It has over 900k views, with a lot of engagement. This has resulted in a big spike in sales and awareness for our company.”
Steven Macdonald, Co-Founder of REIZE Energy Drinks  

We talk about all kinds of topics including tips for property investors, renovation projects, house hunting tips, interior design advice, and much more.”
– Chasen Nick, Marketing Manager of RAMS Home Loans

We have been featuring videos on our social media platforms on how to use our products making no bake recipes. It’s a visual Innovative Aussie Made product that has to be featured as how to use it for people to understand what it is used for. Once people see it, they understand it is for them to create no bake recipes instead of conventional bake ware or plastic containers or spring form bake ware which has always been used.
– Julie, Delicake 

Majority Said Videos Helped Grow Their Audience Before Remarketing

At Pursuit Communications we have used video in the form of Instagram Stories and have noticed an increase in the number of visits to our website. It’s greatly benefited building awareness of our business and generating leads.
– Brooke Simmons, Pursuit Communications


We have a 4 step video process where we first provide information about a topic. This is generally the problem that the product / service solves. Then we re-target with other videos to build credibility, confidence in the brand and value.
– Adam Arnold, Web Profit Maximizer

We are nearly up to episode 30 with a few new clients acquired by our efforts, a segment of 350 people within our full database database of 5000… The view is to keep this series going over the next 12-24 months, build more of a segmented audience, build trust in that audience to the point they are ready to buy from us.
– Tyson Cobb, BusinessDEPOT

We created a funny, viral video to drive awareness of our product. The video was made to be funny and highly shareable. The result was 2.2 million views, creating a huge audience of potential customers that we could re-market to.
– Steven Macdonald, Co-Founder of REIZE Energy Drinks

1 in 2 Marketers Said Videos Were More Effective at Engaging Their Audience

Video can tell a story, get a message across and create an emotion that sticks in the brain faster and for longer than other media.
– Lauren Clemett, Ultimate Business Propellor

As a Communications & Social Media Specialist, video is a critical part of marketing strategy. I post videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and embed them into company blog posts. Video content has contributed to the substantial growth of my employers social channels; YouTube, Instagram and Facebook increasing engagement by over 60%. Today audiences are accustomed to the world of live video streaming and subscribing to channels of vloggers is a norm, so videos are imperative in capturing audience attention.
Cerise Ellen, Canon Communications 

When marketing today, consumers are flooded with messages and video gets their attention more than any other medium so we focus on that.
Dean Salakas, Chief Party Dude of The Party People 

Will you be posting more videos on your website and social media profiles?

Learn more about branded content, web video production and animation production to get yourself started.

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