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Directors Pick: A Collection of Films From Our Work In Architecture And Building

Since I was a boy, I've had an interest in architectural design. In my spare time I would often draw scale floor plans and design creative exteriors. I think if I hadn't chosen to study film making I'd have gravitated towards architecture for a career path. To this day buildings continue to fascinate me, from the way architects design them, to the way builders construct them. It's no wonder then that the opportunity to create films focused on the built environment has triggered quite a level of zeal for me. This collection of films illustrates the beauty that buildings can exhibit and my passion for architectural storytelling.

COX Architecture | Sustainable Building Research Center

Buildcorp | Ainsworth

DesignInc | Interiors

Architectus | Incubator

Architecture and Building

It's been my pleasure to have created films that demonstrate the poetic nature of design and construction and hero these buildings in the light they deserve with exquisite attention to cinematography.

Producer, director, cinematographer and licensed drone pilot Ben Kumanovski focuses on architecture and building video production

About the Author

Ben Kumanovski is a producer, director, cinematographer and certified drone pilot with 20 years experience.

In this time Ben has produced films for a variety of companies within the buiding and design industry.

A full bio can be found here.


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