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Digital advertising video production in Sydney


With the power of YouTube and Facebook marketing, these days almost every new media strategy involves online video & pre-roll ads. 


When it comes to engaging audiences online with video, we bring solid foundations in storytelling, advertising, and cinematic and documentary filmmaking to enhance your production.


Pre-Roll Ads for YouTube marketing are a necessary component of todays marketing mix. Telling a story and communicating a brands message in under 10 seconds is a skill Global Pictures are well versed in with pre-roll productions for brands such as Red Balloon and Mortgage House to name a few. With awards from Tropfest and Holden for 6 second content, our approach to crafting a pre-roll ad is similar to television commercial production. The task involves identifying the brands core advertising message and marketing objective and then creating a micro video that tells the story in a captivating and "un-skippable" way.


The rise of social media marketing strategies has created the need for short online video content that is targeted at niche audiences, as well as 5-10 second pre-roll ads.

This has been a result of social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook enabling video release strategies, sponsored content and video pre-roll.


Recognising this, today's marketers need to spread their advertising dollars across more places than ever before. As a result, the need for content diversity has arisen. In some cases, our clients have chosen to not to release with television or cinema but rather take the entire video marketing strategy online. 


Often the media strategy requires a cut of the ad for TV, online and pre-roll. While the traditional length of a TV ad is 30 and 15 seconds, online videos can be longer, but pre-roll ads need to be 10 seconds or less.


In these cases we start with a plan for the online video. This might be 60 or 90 seconds long. The video might be used as sponsored content on Facebook (for example) and targeted towards a niche audience determined by a set of demographics entered at the time of setting up the Facebook campaign. The video will also be placed on the company's YouTube channel to accumulate organic views from audiences interested in that particular brand or product.

Next, we cut a TV ad from the online video. This could be be a 30 seconds ad or 15 second ad or both depending on the media plan. The 30 and 15 sec TVC is a cutdown version of the longer online video.

Finally, we plan how to deliver the pre-roll ads that will be used on YouTube as paid ads that play before the users video plays. The best use of pre-roll is to keep it short so that the user isn't given the option to skip the ad before they get to see the brand message. This means keeping the video under 10 seconds. 5 second pre-roll ads as shown in the examples are unskippable. 


Vertical video is relatively new format designed to make the best use of video ads intended for social media when viewed on mobile. According to Marketing Land, nearly 80% of social media time is spent on mobile. Since mobiles are handheld in the vertical position, many advertisers are opting to exhibit their social media video ads in a vertical aspect ratio as opposed to traditional wide screen. In some cases this means cropping the original wide screen video, which is easily done with our 8K Ultra High Definition cameras. But, where the video is wholly intended for social media mobile ads, shooting vertically to begin with opens up a lot of creative possibilities, enabling even more and better ways to tell your story and connect with your audience.

Global Pictures vertical video production Sydney
Global Pictures Instagram video production Sydney
Global Pictures Facebook video production Sydney

If you'd like to learn more about pricing, packages or our range of services and capabilities for online video content production, click on the link below to speak with one of our producers.

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