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Branded content production in Sydney


High-end, audience focused branded creative video content in Sydney.


Our Branded Content is scripted entertainment that delivers on-point branded messaging for considered audience engagement.


With productions for corporate, government, education and not-for-profit clients, our broad range of experience means we have the resources to deliver your audience an attentive film production that puts your brand and message at the forefront of your audiences mind.


In 2015 Global were approached by the NSW Department of Education to produce a short film to introduce primary students to the hospital school system. The film aims to communicate to children and their parents in a fun and entertaining way about how the hospital school system works. 

The main character is played by a puppet named Abigail, who is attending her first day of hospital school. It also has a social component and, as a carefully devised piece of branded content, is used to increase public awareness of the hospital school system. 

Undertaking the production from start to finish, we assembled the cast and crew, including an award winning comedy writer and an acclaimed master puppeteer and delivered a high level production, designed to achieve its goals. 

Other key creative areas of production also included a rich sound design and specially composed music. The film is created as a musical with a primary school aged audience in mind. A musical interlude makes for a fun transition from the classroom to the hospital ward.


From 2015-2017 Global were contracted by Sutherland Shire Family Services to produce a 3-stage video campaign to raise awareness for domestic violence prevention. The "Pull Ya Head In" campaign involved three films. These are:

  • Pull Ya Head In - a 90 sec campaign ad highlighting alternate forms of domestic abuse.

  • What I See - a 5 minute short film demonstrating the impact of domestic abuse from a child's perspective. 

  • Escape - a 27 minute film presented as a 6-part web series exploring the impact of domestic abuse across three culturally diverse families.

Due to the sensitive nature of each component of the project, production involved research and special consultation before a process of scripting and script review was completed. Our team were responsible for the whole creative video production process, from concept to completion. The 3-stage production was a 2-year process involving a number of funding partners. Stages 1 and 2 have had over 1 million combined organic views and stage 3 is being used offline in corporate video training presentations.

The video above is a trailer for Escape, a 6-part series produced for the final stage of the Pull Ya Head In campaign against domestic violence. The film was inspired by true events derived from real case studies and encompasses a diverse cast of well-known accomplished Aussie actors.

Global Pictures web series production Sy
Global Pictures RED camera SmallHD 01.JP


Branded content is a way of passively advertising your brand by providing something of interest to your target market. This could be in the form of either entertainment or information and the benefits may include growing your customer base, demonstrating the use of a product or providing a deep and meaningful message that can't easily be communicated via most other typical methods of advertising. We use a variety of creative video production techniques to acheive this.


To make branded content work for you, firstly, you need to think of your target market as an audience. Then decide as an audience what it is that they want. Once you've go that, you're able to connect with your audience in a unique way that has them coming back for more (more advertising that is).

With online audiences, branded content is an excellent way to grow your audience. Branded entertainment such as short films and web series have the ability to be shared. The idea is to create meaningful content that your audience will like, share and subscribe to. People are more likely to share a video via their social networks that they feel is of value to others, either as entertainment or information. For the small price of being exposed to your brand or brand message, they receive the entertainment or information they want.


Many businesses have been successful with 'How To' videos on YouTube. For example, some well known hardware and landscaping suppliers have been successful in growing their customer base with branded content by providing 'how to' videos on YouTube for anyone interested in DIY building and landscaping. Their content is branded with their brand and every episode concludes with where the viewer can buy the things they need to do the job at home. The same can be done for many other brands and products.


If you'd like to learn more about pricing, packages or our range of services and capabilities for branded content production, click on the link below to speak with one of our producers.

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