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3D animation studio in Sydney


CGI, Character and Product Animation.


Our extensive animation production experience is backed by our extremely accomplished, highly trained and experienced animators. From TV commercials to corporate videos and product explainer videos, we've delivered award winning, quality, creative animated productions.

Mortgage House 

Winner of the 2016 AVPA Awards

Best TV Commercial


Using product cad files, our team can animate your product in 3D space as means of showing the product in ways not possible with a live camera. 


Quality is one of our 4 key values, and we don't compromise on our values.


That's why our team are local, Australian animators right here in Sydney and Melbourne. 


That's right, we don't send our animation work overseas to be produced. Our work is done right here in Australia to high quality Australian standards.


Our people don't cut corners. Your product rendering will be 100% perfect, the way it should be. And your animation will be smooth, neat and custom designed to suit the needs of the project.

Best of all, you can meet directly with our team via Zoom or Teams in our own timezone, without any language barriers, and without any misunderstandings on quality, design or production. 


Animation has come a long way in recent years with the capability of producing visuals equal to that of live action video. This is especially advantageous where shooting live action video would be far too cost prohibitive or physically impossible.  

3D animation in live action video dramatically enriches the visual capacity of the video. Even as a stand alone visual medium, it has the power to creatively bring to life messages that are otherwise hard to communicate visually.


Global Pictures also specialise in 2D style motion graphics animation. This is especially popular for the production of explainer videos but can also be used to enhance a live action video as an added visual communication tool to promote ideas, sales messages, statistics or tell stories.


If you'd like to learn more about pricing and range of services and capabilities for animation production, click on the link below to speak with one of our producers.

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