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TV ad production in Sydney


With major client direct and agency briefs, we've produced more than 250 TVC's, and counting!


At Global, we like to think of television commercials as little stories. Stories that sell. Stories that make us laugh. Stories that make us cry. Stories that provoke thought, deliver brand awareness, and engage your audience.

A TVC done well should place your brand at the head of the pack. It positions you as a market leader. And it embeds your brand in the mind of the consumer using the power of storytelling.

Just take a look at the way Esky uses this story to sell their product: 

Or the way Red Balloon uses this collection of stories to evoke an emotional connection with their brand:

Or the way Lowes uses humour in their stories to promote their retail sale product:

And the way the AVIDA brings the joy of owning a motorhome to the audience through this emotive piece of storytelling:


The challenge when it comes to producing an ad is in the ability to deliver a message that tells a story, captivates the viewer, sells the brand (or product) and generates a call to action within 60, 30 or even 15 seconds. Every frame of every second counts.


Our process begins with the need to fully understand the brief and the intended outcome for the client. We modify our approach to suit - if we're working with an agency then we know they've already invested the time into developing a killer creative concept that aims to deliver the intended outcome, and now they need us to put that idea onto film. Or if we're working directly with a client, then our job becomes that of a hybrid creative agency production company and we dive deep into the clients core brand message and marketing needs so that we can come back with a creative idea that works. 

Ultimately, we want to know all that there is to know about your marketing plans with respect to the commercial so that we can craft the the most compelling, engaging and goal orientated story to help you achieve your objectives. 


There's a blurred line between a commercial spot created for TV and an ad created for digital. In essence, the storytelling and film production process is the same. But where the real difference lies is around the duration of the ad. Most television commercials consist of a 30 second edit with a 15 second cutdown, while digital can have a range of durations depending on where and how the commercial is being displayed. Examples include 60 second, 30 second, 10 second and 7 second versions. It's not uncommon for a campaign to consist of a TV media spend that is backed by a digital media spend across social media such as YouTube pre-roll or Facebook advertising. This of course depends on the market and the strategy to get your message in front of them. This is why it is important to discuss this with us in the early stages of concept development so that we can tailor the ad to support the broader story across each individual cut length.

Another key difference between an ad cut as a TVC vs. an ad cut for digital advertising can be the call to action. While TV is a passive medium, perfect for driving brand awareness or informing customers of a new product or current retail sale, TV ads are consumed via the television and therefore can't ask you to interact directly with them. By contrast, a digital campaign can be linked to drive traffic directly to the brands website by asking its audience to click the link embedded on the ad. This is an important step and needs to be considered from conception so that the creative works seamlessly with the media and a solid case for the media coverage to encompass a TV and digital strategy.

We're familiar with the technical requirements for both broadcast TV and digital delivery, such as YouTube pre-roll, Facebook and Instagram video. 


At Global, we've produced more than one hundred TVC's. Our production team are experts in the technical requirements for a broadcast ad and will produce your television commercial through each stage of production process, arrange a CAD rating with FreeTV Australia and deliver the dubs to the networks with our QC delivery service provider.


If you'd like to learn more about pricing or our range of services and capabilities for television commercial production, click on the link below to speak with one of our producers.

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