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Beautiful Buildings Deserve Beautiful Cinematography

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

From furniture to floor coverings, there's always something special about timber. It's the way it looks, feels and smells that make this natural product so inviting. But it takes real craftsmanship to transform a lump of wood into functional and beautiful construction. Just like woodworkers, architects and builders, we also believe in craftsmanship and the skill of infusing creativity, purpose and beauty into our video productions. So when Buildcorp engaged us to produce this corporate video for the Ainsworth Building, we were delighted to engage our creative passion to showcase this gorgeous timber construction.

As Ned Sardelic of Buildcorp says in the opening lines of the video, "our initial response to this building was wow!" And so was ours. In preproduction we visited the Ainsworth Building to explore how we were going to capture it. Since buildings don't move, we set out to put creative movement into our shots. With its exposed timber skeleton and glass facade we immediately saw the magnificence of this building. This is, at sunset the light ripples across the exterior of the building and the warm interior really glows. We knew the exterior needed to be captured from the air with a drone. Inside, the tall detailed ceilings, long hallways, layered staircase and circular lecture rooms all lent towards employing classical cinematography techniques.

Indoors, our camera setup included a two camera interview, camera dolly, a mini camera crane (called a jib), high optical clarity wide angle zoom lens and wireless zoom and focus control. With these tools we could create classic cinematic moves such as tracking, rising/falling and for the long hallway - a very unique technique made famous by Alfred Hitchcock in his 1958 film Vertigo,

called the 'track and zoom'.

Underpinned with an appropriate music score sourced from our stock music libraries, the Buildcorp Ainsworth Building video is an engaging corporate film that showcases the extremely professional approach to craftsmanship that Buildcorp are known for.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into how we brought creative cinematography to this video. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to chat. Get in touch with us here.


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