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The Art Of Light And Shade In This Video For The Vergola Louvre System

A still frame from the Vergola video

Strip away the type of camera we're shooting with, or what other tools we're using. At the core of it, "cinematography" is the manipulation of light for the capture of the moving image. Take this element out of the equation and all you're left with is basic "videography". And although the lighting on most corporate or commercial videos will be rather subtle, still the manipulation of the light to determine how it's directed, reflected, cut, shadded, softened or hardened is all in the persuit of good cinematography and remains a key feature of any Global Pictures production.

In this video for Vergola, agency Creative Resort wanted to dramatise the lighting by shooting only with natural daylight and the Vergola louvre system to create hard shadows across every scene for the new Vergola "The Art of Light and Shade" campaign. Take a look:

Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Vergola Video

Working with only natural light required a key element: the sun. The importance of shooting on a sunny day could not be understated. It's for this reason the shoot day was in fact pushed back mulitple times. This of course is a challenging thing to manage but necessary, and therefore requires a team who can move quickly, be well prepared, and ready to lock in a shoot date on short notice. For all of these reasons it was also important that our shoot crew was nimble and flexible.

Since the two shoot days also required stills to be shot by the agency's photographer, shoot days needed to be shared equally between video and photography. Collaboration to share the space and create matching imagery was an essential part of the brief. It also meant selecting an appropriate lens for the cinema camera was required to ensure the video and photography matched in look and style. For this shoot our high resolution, high dynamic range RED Digital Cinema Camera was paired with the Angénieux EZ-Series zoom lenses to deliver a crisp clean and modern look with a wide T2.0 aperture. And our RED camera was set to 6K resolution at 75 frames per second to shoot slow motion video footage that we could crop in on to re-frame the shots in post production.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this commercial video production as much as we loved producing it. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, give us a call on (02) 9188 0835 or send us email here.


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