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Jump Into This 3D World With Halo Connect

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Halo Connect by AstraPool is an innovative new pool management system that utilises wireless connectivity to enable pool owners to intuitively manage their pool sanitation and other devices with their smartphone.

The product is a game changer for the pool industry, but when the marketing team from parent company Fluidra approached GLOBAL to produce a series of videos to launch the new product, they weren't exactly sure how to translate this message onto screen. In our initial discussion, we realised that the physical units that make up the product live inside small pool sheds. Not only would this make it difficult to show the product, but the interior of pool sheds are not the most visually pleasing of places. We agreed the product needed to be properly presented to fully deliver the wow factor that it deserves. After some creative thinking, we agreed that we would combine live action with high-quality 3D animation.

The plan was to create three films:

  • a short teaser to be launched at an industry event prior to product launch. This would whet the appetite of the pool industry without giving much away,

  • a consumer focused version explaining the products features and benefits without being overly complicated, and

  • a longer, more in depth dealer focused version to provide pool shop staff with more point of sale information about the system and how it works.

Narrated by professional voiceover, our creative idea was to use a live action scene to bookend a stylised 3D environment featuring the product. Employing commercial grade cinematography, our introductory scene would set the tone for the film and highlight the product as high quality.

We also wanted a human touch to the film. By starting the film with a family heading out to the pool, we allow the viewer to better identify with it .

Our process began with gaining a deeper understanding of the product, its features and benefits. Following this research, our team were able to craft three audio/visual scripts that narrate the video and provide written descriptions of the vision that to accompany the message. With only a few minor tweaks from the client, we then moved into thorough pre-production process where we:

  • Undertook casting of 3 actors

  • Sourced and viewed a number of possible shoot locations

  • Scheduled a shoot day

  • Booked our chosen location

  • Booked our crew for the shoot

  • Considered and sourced appropriate wardrobe

  • Acquired specialty equipment such as anamorphic lenses for the shoot

  • Storyboarded each shot

Filming was completed within a half-day film shoot.

Following the shoot day, the voiceover narration was produced and video was edited into it's appropriate places. The project was then handed over to our 3D animator to build, animate and render the product animation.

Throughout the video a blue streak of light is present. This creative device was used originally in the product marketing that was created prior to our involvement and was important to the client that we carried it into the videos. We saw this as an opportunity to creatively connect the live action world with the cloud based world (represented by our 3D environment) which is accessed via smartphone using bluetooth technology. By choosing to film with special anamorphic lenses, we could allow natural blue streaky sun flares to sweep across the lens. Then when the film transitions into the 3D environment this blue streak of light continues to lead us through the product.

We chose to shoot with Atlas Orion Anamorphic lenses. Anamorphic lenses are known for their uniquely blue streaky lens flares that can't be created with ordinary lenses. This special type of lens is quite often used with sci-fi movies because when lights are present in the frame they give off this unique science fiction looking flare.

From conception to completion the project was scheduled for an 8-week turnaround. However our team managed to deliver the final productions within just 6-weeks, much to the clients delight. Pleased with the work, the client was kind enough to leave us a glowing review, for which we are very grateful.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this insight into our process to create the Halo Connect series of videos. If you also have a project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you.


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