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Global Pictures Records a New 5-Star Review on Clutch

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

When clients tell us how much they appreciate our work, we know our values are doing their job.

Corporate video production company Sydney Clutch profile

A businesses Values are the foundations upon which it is built on and should act as a guide towards how all manner of business is to be conducted. For us, our values define why we do what we do and for which direction our efforts shall always point to. Each value leans on the others it sits with and collectively they support what we do so that our customer experience is perfect, and their production meets their expectations.

We value:

  • Long-term relationships

  • Quality

  • Integrity

  • Creativity

Recently GLOBAL received a new 5-star rated review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, from the senior category manager at Fluidra Group Australia. It’s a glowing review, which we’re extremely proud of and we believe this highlights our commitment to the values our business is based upon.

Having developed a new range of innovative products, transformative to their industry, the client required a video series that could explain its features and benefits to a range of audiences. To conceptualise the creative solution, we discussed the complexities of the product and formed a creative direction. We created a script, arranged the talent, selected an appropriate location to film at, and secured the additional resources to complete the project, which involved a video shoot and complex 3D animation. We ultimately delivered a teaser video, a consumer-oriented video, and a dealer version of the video with more in-depth information to target each specific segment of the clients target markets.

Above: Behind the scenes with GLOBAL on the Fluidra video shoot.

“Great communication every step of the way, great direction and production values with no task being left to chance. No, I wouldn't have changed anything through this process.”

– Jonathan Bristow, Senior Category Manager, Fluidra Group Australia

We love reading reviews from our clients and to receive such positive feedback is a tribute to the values we bring to each production. Reviews help businesses select their video producer which is why we’re so very grateful to every client who that shares their experience of working with Global Pictures.

In addition to B2B Review site Clutch, we’re also featured on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site. TM is a business news and how-to site where buyers can browse through the agencies on the Manifest list to find the best-fit service providers to partner with.

That's a Wrap!

If you have a video project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to chat! Get in touch with us here to find out how Global Pictures can help produce your next video production.

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