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Case Study Corporate Videos

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

In recent years, many clients have opted to develop a series of case study videos to share across their networks. Producing case studies as corporate videos is an effective way to share useful insights, testimonials and learnings that build a brands profile or share knowledge with other stakeholders.

In this article, we share how Toyota Australia used corporate video to create a series of case studies to inspire continuous improvement across the Toyota dealer network.

'Kaizen' is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement, and the concept is a pillar of the Toyota Way. So when the company set out to deliver the National Service Managers Conference - an event designed to bring together Toyota service managers from dealerships from across Australia - the plan to create a series of case study videos to share kaizen ideas was created.

The Toyota National Service Managers Conference project consists of 5 pieces of video content. Each 6-minute video was designed to create a total of 30 minutes of content to be presented over the course of a 2-hour presentation block which involved Q&A style talks and video content. Each video unearths a different challenge the featured dealership faced and their respective learning outcomes.

The project was filmed across dealerships in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and SA. The GLOBAL team delivered a cost effective production by managing the project with our local crew in each state. By utilising our local crew across Australia (and New Zealand) we're able to provide highly efficient and cost effective production by eliminating the cost of travel, transport of equipment and accomodation.

The project, which was filmed over the course of 5 weeks was fantastic success, delivering a high level of engagement at the event. Audience feedback was extremely positive, with one person providing the following statement: ​

“Without a doubt, the most effective session in my opinion was Eoin Clements' Dealer SGA videos and panel interview - a simply outstanding mix of live Dealer Panel interaction and the journey each Dealer undertook via video. Great work!” ​

And our clients feedback also included:

"Overall really well received! Thank you for making somewhat dry topics engaging and interesting with the variation in shots – more than delivered on my original story board ideas!"

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