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Video & Photography for Architecture and Building

Updated: Feb 15

With projects for a number of prominent architecture firms, home builders and large construction companies - we're proud to share this collection of film and photography for architecture and building.


Timber and Glass with Architectus

Edited with deeply thought provoking music inspired by the experimental non-narrative film Koyaanisqatsi, the Ainsworth building montage showcases the buildings gorgeous design with continuous cinematic camera movement. Never a static shot - the film perfectly encapsulates the constructions majesty.

Interiors with DesignInc

Place is important for interiors. Interiors with DesignInc shares the passion the firm's designers bring to the way they design interiors for the wellbeing of the users of the space.

Prefab Design with Architectus

Designed and manufactured for assembly, the Macquarie University Incubator video is a documentary style film that hears directly from principal architect Luke Johnson on the approach Architectus took to deliver the best possible building design to harbour innovative thinking.

Education Sector with DesignInc

In this interview video with the design team at DesignInc, the team talk about their process in delivering responsive design for creating optimal learning environments for the education sector.

Talent Recruitment with Architectus

Architectus believe their success is built on the creativity, dedication and innovation of their diverse talented team. This film highlights the culture and work style offered to prospective employees in the architecture design industry to support their talent recruitment.

Building and Construction

Timber Construction with Buildcorp

Constructing with timber was a technical challenge Buildcorp were keen to rise to. Taking a documentary style approach to the video, Buildcorp explain the benefits to environment, work health and safety and aesthetic outcomes timber provided when constructing the Ainsworth Building.

Display Home Walkthrough for Wisdom Homes

Wisdom Homes required a walkthrough video for three of their display homes. Set to causual lounge music, each film is shot using a handheld camera gimbal to give it a smooth gliding movement throughout each of the rooms. The films are used across social media, online and on display within their show homes to present the multiple product options to visitors to the homes.

Brand & Retail Commercials and Photography with Allcastle Homes

Make it a home with Allcastle Homes is the theme of these family orientated brand commercials. Coupled with high quality commercial photography, the production showcases the homes built for Aussie family life.

Brand Sponsorship with Buildcorp

Proudly sponsoring our national women's rugby team, What You Don't See by Buildcorp is a brand sponsorship film that delivers engagement, awareness, respect and appreciation for the hard work that goes into each and every day - on the field and on the worksite.

Technology with Robot Smart Homes

Smart homes are no longer science fiction. The Robot Smart Homes film promotes this new tech by demonstrating exactly how Robot are making the lives of home owners better.

Lifestyle Photography with SekiSui House

This series of images were shot to promote the riverside lifestyle offered by Seki Sui House at Sanctuary Wentworth. The photography supports their social, printed and digital media campaigns as the project ramps up the marketing for "off the plan" sales.

Guided Tour with Bellriver Homes

Delivering a sophisticated approach to the home walkthrough video, the "Bronte", presented by Sarah Halloran showcases for new home buyers this elegant Bellriver Homes residence.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you've been inspired by this collection of video and photography content produced for building and architecture firms. If you have a video or photography project you'd like to discuss you can contact us here and one of our producers will be in touch.


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