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TV Commercials, Brand Films and High-Level Corporate Videos

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Working with the best crew across the film and TV industry, we've delivered a mountain of high quality content from TVC's to high level corporate videos. Here you'll find a selection of just some of our favourite video productions produced over the last few years.

TMGM Commercials

Starring controversial comedian and YouTube personality Isaac Butterfield (aka "The Buttsmarn"), this series of ads produced for TMGM's official sponsorship of the Australian Open features 3x 30 sec versions, 1x 15 sec and 1x 6 sec.

LOWES Commercials

Since 2016 we've produced over 40 TVC's for Lowes Menswear, starring the usual suspects - NRL legends Darryl Brohman and Paul Sironen. Due to the urgent demands of retail sales, Lowes ads are often produced from conception to TV broadcast with an extremely quick turnaround of less than 2 weeks!

Buildcorp Brand Film

As the leading sponsor of the Buildcorp Wallaroos, the prominent construction firm set out to raise interest and increase recognition for woman's rugby with this 60 second brand film. The film screens at half-time on the big screen during games.

AstraPool Product Video

The Halo Connect product video introduces this innovative pool filtration product. While the real world scenes were shot to deliver a relatable human element, in reality pool filters live in small dark pool sheds, so the product is featured in a 3D space designed to visually highlight it's high-tech nature.

Allcastle Homes TVC

One of four brand ads, "Best Friend" invokes emotive cinematic language to drive the theme "Make it home, with Allcastle Homes". Using slow motion, handheld camera, soft lighting and a small cast, this spot was shot in just a few hours, leaving time to also shoot three other TVC's within a single day.

Neptune CRM Explainer Video

This live action explainer video was filmed at Baker Street Studios unique space with a simple office set design and small crew. The talent selected embodies a relatable look, with mannerism to suit as he explains this pool industry specific software.

Esky TVC

An epic tale of both bad and good fortune. This Esky TVC involved a fair chunk of live product trickery from our well seasoned standby props expert to ensure it bounced, rolled and landed in all the right spots. Ok, the fish is fake (for good reason), but the rest really happened.

Safran Corporate Video

With a strong focus on their Australian operation, Safran set out to create a corporate film that presented their ability to support our national defence. Created with 3D animation, shot with anamorphic lenses, and supported by archival footage licensed with defence, this film hits all the marks of a brand lead corporate video.

OWD Corporate Video

Created for the launch of the OWD product in Florida, the film combines high level product animation and live action scenes with a US voiceover to speak directly to a niche audience. Filmed over 3 days with a cast of 10 actors across rural, suburban and city based locations.

Red Balloon Commercial

Produced using real people rather than paid talent, the Experience Gifting commercial presents the joy of giving with a Red Balloon gift certificate. Filmed over 3 days in the Hunter Valley and Sydney utilising a small and nimble crew to capture the variety of scenes.

AVIDA RV Commercial

Filmed on a property in the Blue Mountains, the Avida RV brand commercial stirs those yearning for outdoor adventure by showcasing the range of Avida motorhomes. 30 second cuts screen nationally across Australia and New Zealand while this extended version supports online media.

That's a wrap!

There's plenty more favourites that haven't made this list, and we're certain there will be plenty more to come. If you have a video production you'd like to discuss, let's chat. You can call us on (02) 9188 0835 or get in touch via email here.


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