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How Companies Are Using Case Study Videos To Tell Their Story, Attract New Talent & Win New Business

Case study videos combining interview with what we call "b-roll" have become an incredibly popular tool for companies to tell their stories with. This style of corporate video is sort of a "mini-documentary" and can be an effective medium for video content creation. Beautifully shot interviews offer multiple ways to share your brands message, from customer testimonials, to case studies, and recruitment.

Employee Recruitment

Interviewing existing staff is the perfect way to share a company’s culture and vision when aiming to attract perspective employees. In the example above, DesignInc share what it’s like to work with them by speaking with the people from within the business across their three main design studios. The video sits neatly within the pages of the DesignInc website and works to attract top tier talent to this prominent design firm.

Customer Testimonials

Interview videos used to create customer testimonials are a great way to share your clients success stories and deliver a short case study on how your product provided the right solution for your client. In the example above, Infomedia show how Keystar Autoworld were able to improve transparency and customer experience with Superservice Triage. Also below, we have the Math Circle case study video, sharing how this Sydney school successfully raised students times table recall times, enthusiasm for math and classroom engagement using Times Tables Rockstars.

Key Factors for Filming Engaging Case Study Videos

In an earlier post, we detailed the key factors in what makes an interview video watchable. Here's a quick summary:

  1. Audience: Who's watching the video and how do we hold their interest?

  2. Duration: How long will the audience hang in there for? Can we tell the story in a suitable enough timeframe so they watch the video right to the end?

  3. B-roll: What relevant b-roll can we film to enhance the story and keep the viewer engaged?

  4. Location: What background noise do we have to contend with? What is area lighting like? How big is the room we can film in? What does the background look like?

  5. Framing: Will the person being interviewed be looking off camera or towards camera? How wide or tight will the frame be? One trick we often do is to cheat the 2-camera look by filming in 4K and editing in HD. This allows us to crop in from a mid shot to a close-up.

  6. Music: What style of music will help carry the video through to completion?


As you can see there's a number of key factors that go into creating quality case study videos that keep your audience engaged. With good production, case study videos can be a powerful, yet cost effective tool for delivering your business message. If you're interested in pricing, take a look at our Case Study Video production package.

Get In Touch

We hope you enjoyed this look into producing great Case Study Videos. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you. You can call us on (02) 9188 0835 or email us here.

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