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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

At Global Pictures, the corporate videos we produce are modern company films.

Corporate doesn't have to mean boring, we can make your corporate film just as exciting as your favourite viral video! One thing is for sure though, corporate video should be an integral part of your future branding strategy.

Top corporate videos have a strong, cohesive message. They entertain but teach the viewer something valuable at the same time. Many of our clients' corporate videos feature 3D animation, motion graphics, cinematic cutaway footage and high quality voiceover. They don't just talk to camera

We have produced corporate videos for clients such as TAFE, Toyota, Caltex, Centuria, Ascender and Lowes Menswear.


Engage with Your Audience

People love watching films. Our job at Global Pictures is to ensure people want to watch yours. You want to create compelling corporate videos that inspire your audience - we will help you with that. You also want it to be cost effective so you get an ROI and with advancements in technology, quality in production has been able to increase whilst reducing the cost to produce. You can use humour, anecdotes or scenarios that your audience will relate to throughout your corporate video to help establish rapport.

Communicate Your Brand Message

Using corporate video as part of your brand startegy is the way of the future. Video has the ability to save your business thousands of dollars if you do it right -that's where we come in! Aim to deliver a simple and authentic brand message through your corporate video. Let your customers see the 'real you'. You want them to connect, you want them to share and you want them to learn what you are all about. Entertain your audience but at the same time, teach them something valueable to them.

Speak Directly to Your Team

Corporate video is also a great tool that allows management to speak directly to their team. This will save your business valuable time and we all know time is money. Many business are also working across multiple states and/or countries. Corporate video allows these teams to connect and have access to the same message. Your brand culture comes from the top down and corporate video can help you instill brand values and allow multiple teams feel part of the bigger picture.

Inspire Top Talent to Join

You know you have a great team but you still want to consistently attract great talent. Using a corporate video company can help you achieve this. Some business feel they can handle doing this themselves however, poor quality video and audio can have a detrimental effect on your brand. Using an experienced production team is one of the best investments you can make. Using your corporate video production you can showcase the skills of your team, highlight company culture and specify company initiatives and benefits.


​The best corporate videos productions will have a engaging and cohesive message, and this is no small part the result of detailed planing. That's where we come in!

After exploring your brand in depth, we’ll work with you on developing an script outline. We take the time to get to know your company and it's culture. We then have the writer put together a corporate video script. Our key objective at this stage of the creative process is to ensure your message is communicated while delivering engaging content. Once the script writing process is complete, we then move into production.


At Global Pictures we understand the requirements for the success of an effective corporate video. When producing a corporate film the process begins with our team thoroughly investigating your marketing and communication objectives.

During this pre-production phase, we will work with you to extract all of the necessary information to script the content. In some cases, we can write the script for you and present it for you to review. However, you may already have a script or happen to work with a separate copywriting agency, this is okay too. In any case, we are happy provide script consulting support and offer professional feedback to ensure the narration and vision integrate seamlessly.

Once the process moves from pre-production through to production, we will assemble our crew and organise a film shoot date/s. Once all filming has been completed your corporate video will then go through the post-production process where it will be creatively edited and colour graded to match your brand identity. Voice-over, text, animation and graphics can also be added, if required, and music will be selected and appropriately licensed. 

Finally your corporate video can be mastered in either HD or 4K in a format optimised for high quality internet streaming.


Whether you want to shoot in a studio or on-location, Global Pictures has it covered. We can simply film at your place of business otherwise, we have a number of ties with Sydney studios allowing us to easily organise white cyclorama, green screen shoots or custom set builds (including props) for your production. We can also arrange location permits for council property or source locations for hire (such as houses) through our relationships with various location management companies.


If you'd like to learn more about pricing, packages or our range of services and capabilities for corporate video production, click here to speak with one of our producers.

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