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Attract Better Job Applicants with Recruitment Videos

Updated: May 18, 2023

It's no secret, Australia is currently facing a skills shortage across a plethora of industries. It's a job seekers market, and employers everywhere are fighting for top talent. So how do you attract the best applicants and make sure your Seek ad really stands out? Recruitment video! That's how. Here are 5 benefits of producing a quality recruitment video for your company along with a few examples we've produced for others to help get the creative juices flowing on how you can improve your talent attraction process.

The National Dental Care recruitment video aims to attract professionals to their growing network of currently 77 practices.

1. Stand out and attract better applicants

Consider the huge number of job ads you're competing with, and then compare that with the tiny number of quality applicants there are to choose from. You really need your ad to stand out to attract not just more, but better applicants. Recent statistics show 59% of executives agree they would more likely choose video over text when presented with either option. This means if your job ad doesn't have a video, applicants are more likely to engage with your competitor's ad before they read yours. By placing a well produced recruitment video on your job ad you're increasing the likelihood that a quality applicant is going to engage with your brand and make an application.

The Architectus Graduates recruitment video aims to attract young talent as it shares insights from previous graduate employees.

2. Share company culture

Your companys' culture is what sets you apart from the other businesses in your industry. By using a video to tell candidates what your company is all about before they apply, you're less likely to have unsuitable applicants. Sharing the company culture will also make your video more interesting, make your job ad more appealing and provide an insight into what applicants can expect if they were awarded the position and come and work with you.

The Apply for Team Lowes retail jobs recruitment film engages applicants with on brand comedy and company benefits.

3. Tell them why they'll love working with you

Put yourself in the applicants' shoes. There are so many options to apply for, so what's attracting them to apply? A good recruitment video should tell them what's in it for them. Describe potential career pathways. Present the perks. Interview your existing staff to share what they love about your brand. Give the applicant something to be excited about. Make them feel like they'd be lucky to join your company.

The Working with DesignInc video shares insights from existing staff on what's so special about working with this prominent architecture firm.

4. Boost your presence in search results

Key video marketing statistics show video drives organic search engine traffic by 157%. Placing your "career pathways" or "working with us" video on your websites' careers page will not only compel applicants to apply, but also your careers page itself will benefit from the boost in organic search traffic.

In the Career Pathways video Toyota Australia employees share the array of supportive career moves the company has provided them with.

5. Improved engagement for quality talent

Let's face it, video is dominating the way we consume information online. Over a billion hours of video is consumer on YouTube each day. The latest video stats show that audiences retain 95% of a message when it's presented with video, 96% of consumers have watched an explainer video, and companies with recruitment videos on their job ads average 3x more applicants.

The Lowes LinkedIn video series produced for social sees a variety of staff interviewed by brand ambassador Darryl Brohman on what they love about working with the company across retail and corporate levels.

Final thoughts

In a competitive HR environment, recruitment videos are a modern, engaging and positive way to promote the career opportunities your company has to offer when attracting new talent. It's a no-brainer really, video works so make it work for you too. At Global, we've produced hundreds of corporate videos with many of them being human resource focused. Our team are highly experienced storytellers and aim to deliver engaging, professional quality video content.

If you're considering enhancing your job listings with a recruitment video we'd love to chat. Our team service clients Australia wide. You can call us on (02) 9188 0835 or get in touch via email here.


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