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Visually Beautiful Brand Storytelling

When it comes to brand storytelling, there's nothing more emotive than beautifully shot visuals.

In this commercial we produced for Red Balloon's #ExperienceGifting campaign, we employ beautifully visual brand storytelling to share the joy and emotion of giving a Red Balloon gift experience.

Shot over 3 days (including one day in the Hunter Valley and two days in Sydney) our nimble crew took the camera for a ride in a hot air balloon, a scenic flight in a helicopter, a picnic in a vineyard, a supercar chase, fine dining, and across multiple homes to capture the joy of gift giving with Red Balloon.

"...these look absolutely fantastic. Congratulations to you and the team for producing video content that is engaging, emotive and visually beautiful. All in the spirit of helping us tell our brand story. Wonderful work." -Red Balloon

Rather than enlisting actors our team worked with real people to share their heartfelt gifts; with the red envelope and handwritten letter a symbol of the givers' affection for the one receiving it.

Once the 30 sec version was perfected we then proceeded to cut a total of 24 versions of the ad, including 30 sec, 15 sec, 8 sec and 6 sec cuts for the campaign which stretches across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as other online major media outlets.

In a message of appreciation, the client called the film "engaging, emotive and visually beautiful, all in the spirit of helping us tell our brand story." We're proud to have brought the film to life for them.

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