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Video Content That Serves Multiple Audiences

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Designed with LinkedIn in mind as the primary platform for distribution, this series of videos created for Lowes Menswear to support their talent acquisition goes beyond its base intent, with appeal to engage the wider audience.

At its core, the series is designed to attract new talent to work at Lowes.

Typically, a talent acquisition video is a one-off and about 2-3 minutes long. It presents the company's tone of voice via a range of interviews with current employees discussing the benefits of working with the company.

And that's a perfectly good formula.

However this series of videos goes beyond that formula by delivering entertaining and insightful stories that not only aim to engage new talent, but also operates as a marketing tool, supporting continuous growth towards brand recognition as the wider audience are able to enjoy the series too.

Lowes is known for humour, which has cultivated their tone of voice over more than two-decades with their famous "At Lowes" TV ads. So, when it came to deciding who best to interview staff about working at Lowes, it made perfect sense to use celebrity, funny-man and long-term brand ambassador Darryl Brohman for the job.

Working with the brands' creative media agency PMA Communications Group, the project started with the client identifying 16 current staff across the broader business and asking them to fill out and return a questionnaire about their time at Lowes as well as other questions that would give us an insight into who they are as a person. This information was then shared with Darryl in his preparation for the shoot day where he would casually engage with them on questions about their career at Lowes.

Darryl, has a wonderful knack for making people feel comfortable. As you can see from the behind the scenes images above, this was not the sort of situation many people would naturally feel comfortable in. Cameras, lights, studio space and an interviewer seated quite far away would undoubtably be daunting for most. Yet Darryl made each and every person feel at home before the cameras started rolling. Then when the cameras were rolling, he made them laugh.

We wanted Darryl to be himself, bringing his sense of humour to the table. Most of what Darryl says is unscripted and very funny. By allowing Darryl to bring his big personality and his flavour of humour to each interview we were not only creating videos for talent acquisition, but a series of entertaining videos that everyone can enjoy watching online.

Making as much content as possible from our shoot day, the final series consists of 50 videos cut from 16 interviews. While many topics were covered (including charity, culture, diversity, recruitment, management and many more) there was one very consistent value that came from the staff:


Many of the staff, without any prompting, said they felt like the people they worked with at Lowes were like family, and we think that's pretty great!

That's a wrap

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at our video production. If you have a production you'd like to discuss, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call on (02) 9188 0835 or drop us an email via our contact page.


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