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Mr House Won't Break The Bank In This Cute Animated TVC For Mortgage House

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

When Mortgage House approached Global with their plan to create a series of consumer mortgage rate based commercials we dove deep into creative thinking mode to come up with this adorable talking mascot.

Global Pictures produces animated TVC's in Sydney, Australia.
Mr House from one of 20 Mortgage House commercials created by Global.

Mr House (as he's fondly known) was developed to deliver a good news story for home buyers as the brand continued to lead the lending market with their phenomenally competitive interest rates. While the home lender had adopted a house character as their brand mascot many years earlier, the character only came out in public at as a life-sized wearable costume at sponsored events. We took this idea and returned with a whole new interpretation of it. We believed Mr House needed to be the opposite of the big banks he was competing with. He needed to be small, friendly and helpful. Using proven character animation science developed by Disney, Mr House was recreated as a cute and loveable character. We chose to make him small in stature, so that his presence would not at all be imposing. We gave him big eyes and an anatomic design that supports the Disney science, such as short legs and a large head. And we gave him a big smile and a bit of a squeaky voice so that his tone would be friendly.

We even made him dance:

Mr House went on to tell more than twenty little stories across TV and digital media. His face was so popular the brands media agency partnered with Global to use Mr House's image across their outdoor media campaigns such as bus and billboard ads. Mr House became the face of the Mortgage House website, their printed marketing collateral and their social pages. 

And to top it all off, we won 'Best TV Commercial' at the Australian Video Producers Awards.

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