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Mine Site Specific Video and Photography Production

After more than 10+ years, Global Pictures continues to be a leader in the field of underground and open cut mine site video and photography production.

How we got into Mine Site Video and Photography

In 2008 Global Pictures began producing mine site WHS and training videos video for BHP Billiton in the Illawarra Southern Coalfields. Over time, this lead to expanding our reach into the Hunter Valley, Lithgow, Mudgee and Central West NSW. We even produced training videos on a remote open cut mine site in the Northern Territory. Over time our list of clients grew to include Xstrata, Glencore, AngloAmerican, Barrack Gold, CoalPac, Centennial Coal, and others as our reputation grew.

We were featured at NSW Minerals Council events, both on and off the screen, and as our on site video, drone, photography and animation capacity expanded, new and exciting mine site video projects continued to come to Global Pictures.

One of the key challenges we faced in underground mining in particular was the battle between light and the darkness when videoing in the underground environment. This challenge was met when we discovered a pair of ultra bright cool running LED lights with water ingress prevention and an internal battery capable of lasting up to 8 hours! Normal video production lighting would never deliver this sort of capability or safety profile in the underground environment. The lights have been approved for use in hazardous zones all over NSW by mine officials.

The video above is simply a snapshot of the work we can deliver, but there really is no limit. Here are a list of the types of mine site video projects, animation and photography we've previously delivered:

  • Worker & visitor inductions

  • Plant inductions

  • Isolation procedures

  • Personal risk assessment 'how to'

  • Transport rules

  • Nip & pinch points

  • Golden Rules

  • CABA & self rescue apparatus

  • Fatigue management

  • How to perform a JHA / JSA 

  • High pressure injection

  • Longwall operations

  • Safe standing zones

  • Machinery pre-start inspections

  • High voltage

  • Equipment familiarisation

  • Animation of future long wall expansion

  • Underground and open cut photography

Mine site video production & photography
Mine site video production & photography

That's a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this article into the mine site video and photography work we do at Global Pictures. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, give us a call on (02) 9188 0835 or send us email here.

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