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How we helped 'Make it Home with Allcastle Homes'

Updated: Mar 11

In a series of TV commercials, coupled with matching still photography, this brand campaign for Allcastle Homes features key moments that truely make a house a home.

The brief called to depict moments that make it a home. Life's moments should be cherished, and with an Allcastle Home, they can be. The execution of this brand campaign features four ads delivering a montage of relatable moments that inspire us to live healthy happy lives in our homes.

To complement the videos, the campaign is supported by a library of matching still photography, which was shot alongside the video shoot to ensure the delivery of a cohesive visual identity across multiple media types.


With only 1 day to shoot 4 ads, our shooting plan was based around efficiency. Conveniently, the shoot location was 4 side-by-side fully furnished show homes. Working with a cast of 10 actors and a crew of 11, we scheduled a tight plan to setup each scene, shoot and move on. Moving across the various homes for each scene, our camera and lighting approach was practical and efficient. Meanwhile, a second unit 2 person crew were cycling the homes the first unit crew were not in to capture b-roll footage of the homes for additional content creation.

Each 30 second brand TVC also has a 15 second cutdown. Telling a story in 15 or even 30 seconds is never a small challenge, but the ideas and message scripted certainly nailed it. The ads are currently airing across free-to-air networks with stills across various print and digital advertising mediums.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed this look into the video and stills work we delivered for Allcastle Homes. If you have a creative project you'd like to discuss we'd love to speak with you. You can contact us via email here or call for a chat on (02) 9188 0835.

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