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How to get even more of a ROI from your video shoot

When planned well, filming a corporate video can be designed to deliver more than just a single use output. With multiple edited versions in mind, Global Pictures helped TAFE realise a broader return on their investment on a 3-minute corporate video production by re-purposing the footage for a 45-second cinema ad that would broaden their campaign and eliminate the need to schedule any additional shoot days.

In the TAFE WSi Health Services corporate video, the audience is lead through the new Health Services building by presenter Guy Fenton. The video is a 3 minute presentation and is used online to showcase the state-of-the-art facility the Nepean campus has to offer to prospective students. To coincide with this top tier learning facility, a combination of aerial shots, dolly track and jib moves were used to heighten the visual experience as the viewer discovers all that the facility has to offer.

A two and a half day shoot was required to completely cover the building, but the beauty of having so much cinematic looking A-grade footage meant that the client now had the ability to gain more out of their production than just the corporate video. As a result, a 45 second cinema commercial was also cut from the corporate video, enabling further use of the cinematically shot footage. For this version the presenter was removed and a voiceover was added to deliver the message quickly to an audience of cinema goers.

The result is, the client was able to gain the benefit of two productions out of one by forward planning the use of their new footage.

Cover all media

Share your videos socially - reach further. In a series of over 20 commercials Global Pictures have produced for Mortgage House, Mr. House has really become the centre of attention. But aside from spreading his message of good news to home buyers via the free-to-air TV channels and Foxtel, Mr. House is also making an impression online. And who could ignore such a cute little fella? Our award winning animated TVC series has gained over 1.5 million views across social media.

The Mr. House character has also appeared in print and online graphic media including the Mortgage House website, and a tiny fondant version of him even featured on the Mortgage House 30th birthday cake!  

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