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Behind the Scenes video on the "No Awkward Stuff" campaign

Mona Vale Dental's "No Awkward Stuff" campaign produced by leading Sydney video production company Global Pictures, deliver the all too familiar truth about the yesteryear of visiting the dentist!

The campaign, which consists of two 15 second video ads will roll out with a geographically targeted digital campaign consisting of premium websites. The method, known as Contextual Advertising is a key driver in lead generation for local businesses looking for new and innovative yet affordable advertising.

Acting as the creative agency and the production company, Global Pictures produced the video ads from concept to completion, developing the theme "No Awkward Stuff" specifically to meet the client's needs. Producer, Director and Cinematographer Ben Kumanovski talks us through the process of creating the video ads:

The brief for the project was to highlight all of the new technology and modern ways of doing things that Mona Vale Dental have to offer to make the patients experience more comfortable. So with consultation with the client, creatively we came up with the idea for the "No Awkward Stuff" campaign.

We wanted to build a set that presented a really outdated 1970's looking dental practice that looked like no one had spent a dollar on the place for the last 50 years, and then we wanted the video to contrast that with the light, bright, perfect, modern practice at Mona Vale Dental.

The brown walled set that we used, which had that really retro look to it, was originally a boxing gym. We took all of the gym equipment out and then brought in all these different medical and dental set props to create this old fashion dental surgery.

For casting, we intentionally picked an older actor to play the dentist. It was really important that he looked like he was past retirement age and outdated. It was also really important that our patient looked a lot younger, rather baby faced, innocent and super expressive in his facial expression on video so that when the needle went into his mouth he looked like he was really in pain. This is what makes the video funny, as well as relatable to people. That's what the "No Awkward Stuff" campaign is all about.

Something unique about this project is that these video ads will be used in a digital campaign. The video ads will be used in contextual media on premium websites and each video ad will be geo-targeted to only appear within a certain radius of the business. Therefore, local people interested in a local dental surgery can find Mona Vale Dental.

Contextual Media

Contextual Media targets consumers using relevant websites and places your video ad on websites they are interested in.

A screen grab of a video ad produced by Global Pictures displayed on the Daily Mail.

Advertising with Contextual Media can be geo-targeted to only appear within a certain geographic area, such as within 5km radius of  your business.

Examples of contextually relevant are Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Sydney Morning Herald, Your Money, Daily Mail, Honey, The Daily Telegraph, The Age and many more.

Contextual Media is perfect for creating direct lead generation as web users who view the ad can click through to your website.

Working with Global Pictures

Established in 2007, Global Pictures are a leading Sydney video production company. Experienced in all types of video production, video advertising and digital campaigns, we are able to efficiently and cost effectively mange your project from concept creation to video production and delivery. We are well connected with media and have delivered countless videos for broadcast TV, digital media and social media campaigns. Whether you come to us with a fully fleshed out video brief or simply an idea, our objective is to completely understand your video marketing and advertising needs and exceed your expectations. Our long list of clients consists of small businesses to large internationally recognised brands because our business is built on our professional approach, quality work, and trust.

If you'd like to know more about working with Global Pictures click here or get in touch here.

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