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Why it is important to tell your brand story?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Your story matters.

How you got to where you are.

Your values. Your ideas. Your goals.

Your team and its culture.

Your success, even your failures.

They all tell a story, the story of your brand.

Your story is unique, no one else can tell it.

Stories help connect brands with their customers.

Video storytelling in particular has been shown to be incredibly effective in holding attention and driving engagement. It is a powerful and immersive experience.

brand storytelling

What Story do you have to tell?

There are many great stories your brand can tell.

In Simon Sinek’s (Start With Why) TED Talk, he said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

The focus of brand storytelling is on why you do what you do, not so much the features and benefits of your product and service. You need to convince your customer’s that you understand them and the problems they face. They will pay attention if they come across something meaningful to them.

What’s in a name?

There is often a great story behind the name of your brand. The endless nights, the countless conversations, days on end brainstorming trying to come up with that perfect name. The tears, frustration, the laughter and joy all rolled into one. How did you get there in the end? Who made it happen? Where do the brand's roots lie?

Why not tell that story?

The start-up story.

The excitement, the anticipation and then - the thrill of your first sale.

The growing pains, the first mistakes, the new endeavours, the first big client.

What led you to risk everything to start a new enterprise? Why was it so important to you and what did you have to overcome to achieve it?

All these experiences have shaped the business you run or work for today, it is part of your company’s DNA. Your story matters and people care, your customers and clients care.

start up stories

There is the story of your kickass team.

There are the people behind your brand who together make your company who it is.

People connect with people. Real people. Your customers want to know that the team you have put in place love working there. They like to hear that your brand is inspired by them, challenged by them and grown by and with them.

A great company to work for is a great company to support.

You have something to sell.

You wouldn't be in business without a product or service. You have something that solves a customer's problem, something that will make their life easier, better or more beautiful.

Through visual storytelling you can show them how your product is unique, how you are challenging the norm or how they will benefit from doing business with you.

Solve their problems, get alongside them, you are serving their needs not the other way around.

Customers don’t want to feel advertised to, they can skip over your ad, install ad blockers, ect. You need to make your message worthwhile to them.

Video storytelling allows the customer to see your product or service up close, it’s the next best thing to experiencing it in person.

Be real and relate.

Your customers will resonate with you when you are real with them. It is just as important to talk about hardships as well as your successes. We don’t live in a perfect world and we aren’t perfect people. Everything has flaws. The core of storytelling is overcoming adversity. Don’t be afraid to tell that story. People don’t relate to perfection, what resonates is the story of overcoming obstacles or hardships and getting back up again.

Be open, flaws and all.

Relate to their problems, what they might be going through and show how your brand can help them overcome these obstacles. Explain to them how your product or service is the solution. Why is it the best solution and what makes it stand out from the competition?

Be open to feedback.

Nothing is perfect and that is the beauty of being a business owner or leader. Our greatest lessons often come through our mistakes. We learn to be better. We learn how to serve our customers better. We learn what is important to our clients. We need to listen carefully to what our customers are telling us, through sales calls, social media comments and reviews. We need to own our mistakes and make sure to be better next time.

Global as video storytellers.

As video storytellers, at Global we understand the ins and outs of telling your story.

There are many ways to tell your story through photos, blogs, newsletters, flyers, etc.

What trumps them all though is, video.

This isn’t something we made up and here is where we throw in some statistics.

  • It is statistically proven that customers retain ninety-five percent of a message when they watch a video (Insivia).

  • Additionally, seventy-two percent of customers would prefer to learn about a company or product through video (Hubspot Research).

In the digital world there is a lot of noise to break through when it comes to marketing your product/service online. Video production can help you break through. Capture their thoughts, evoke emotion and connect. First you need to capture their attention then you need to hold it. From a neuroscience perspective, when our brain perceives a story as relevant, the cognitive effects increase while the effort to retain it decreases. Watching a video increases information retention and customers are more likely to remember your brand long afterwards.

It is all about making the connection.

connecting brands with audience via video

Why is storytelling via video marketing so powerful?

Video connects us in a way that no other medium can.

Video storytelling stimulates multiple senses in the brain, motor, auditory, olfactory, somatosensory and visual.

Through video we can see the emotions, the excitement, the tears, the joy, the passion, the love or sadness. Once we see them, we feel them, and the customer experience goes a little deeper. They understand us better, they see what drives us, they see our passion for what we do and what we can offer them in return. Video storytelling can incorporate other elements, such as humour, parody, fantasy, and plot twists to help strengthen the viewer’s connection.

Next best thing.

Video also gives the impression of face to face interaction between a company and their customer. Video storytelling draws people in, they are connected through moving, emotive stories that arouse an emotional response – love, anger or frustration, etc. Visual storytelling can move us to tears or inspire us to make a difference.

Through all this, our customers will relate. We point out problems they may have, they realise they have them. By relating to them we get alongside them create a connection that over time builds loyalty.

Who doesn't want a loyal customer?

We are attracted to beauty.

We love seeing beautiful images and hearing beautiful words and music. Video marketing has all these advantages. It combines all three.

People trust businesses with a heart and a story. We earn their trust when they connect with us and relate with us. ­­­

cinematic imagery through film

Search engines love video content.

Search engines view videos as high quality content. In fact by 2021 Cisco predicts that 80% of traffic will be through video.

Using video can do wonders for your SEO so long as they are optimised properly.

(We will go into more detail on optimising video very soon).

The Process.

At Global we live, breathe and love video content production.

We work with our clients and show them how they can connect with their customers.

Behind any great storytelling is planning.

It is crucial to have a solid understanding of what the purpose of your video is.

From there we create a compelling, well-constructed narrative, with the aim to hold and retain the customer’s attention. Then, we turn the story into a visually compelling video that is aimed at the right audience.

All this takes a lot of careful planning, brainstorming and ideas.

This is what we love to do, and we will help you every step of the way.

global pictures vertical video production

There are many great production companies out there. At the heart of it, at Global we want to ensure a high-end, relationship focused client experience. We are motivated by what we do best, film production. We take something that we love and continually deliver exceptional quality and value for our clients. We use a variety of techniques, camera angles, cinematic lenses and camera moves, visually appealing locations, lighting and special effects. The list goes on and we bring it all to the table.

Using video as part of a digital marketing strategy.

You can use video across all digital platforms, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Vimeo and YouTube. Successful videos need to have a good digital marketing plan behind it - social media campaigns, press releases, etc can all help drive views to your video. Video content is easily shared across all these platforms. If a customer connects or resonates with your story, they are more likely to comment, like or share it.

Visual storytelling is a powerful way to convey your brands values, culture, motivations and goals. Be authentic, create a compelling narrative and couple it with beautiful, cinematic moving pictures. Then you’ve got your brand story.

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