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The Art of Dance

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Recognising that many performing artists were out of work during the pandemic, we invited several dancers to collaborate with us on a project they would be able to later use as a calling card for when lockdowns ended. Albeit a tricky project to manage with ever-changing restrictions but after several months we were pleased to have been able to have worked with two very talented dancers. Combining film with dance, these two films depict determination, skill and great love for each dancers' emotive art forms.

Lambert Majambele is a freestyle breakdancer from Tanzania. Entertainment has always been a major part of Lambert's heart. Believing in continuous improvement, Lambert enjoys challenging his skills to be the best version of himself that he can be. That's why we called his film "Game On".

Saki Itoh is a contemporary dancer from Japan. Since leaving Tokyo, Saki has continued her training in dance with a number of renowned dance studios including the Edge Performing Arts Centre in Los Angeles. Saki has also been a commercial model for a number of brands and as a dancer has performed in festivals, fashion shows, and music videos across Sydney, Los Angelas and Tokyo. The title of Saki's film, "Awakening" depicts her commitment to her art-form, having graciously risen before sunrise to film at dawn in Sydney's Barangaroo. The theme "Awakening" is also visually expressed throughout the dance.

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