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Suit Up with these Ads for Kelly Country

Kelly Country have delivered bespoke tailor made suits and retail formal wear for over 30 years, so when they approached us for ideation and creative production, we were delighted to produce these two new 15 second TVC's.

After a deep dive into the brand, ads they've produced before and what their current goals are, we settled on delivering a new tailor made ad and formal wear ad with weddings as the main focus.

With TV in mind, the marketing team prefer 15 second spots, which means there's not a lot of time for a lot of shots, so coming up with a visual story theme for each ad that presented a range of product, engaged with the audience and presented the brand was our main challenge.

We presented a few ideas and once settled drew up storyboards to visually illustrate the concept. Locations we then decided with a grand home in Centennial Park and the exterior grounds at Vaucluse House. A casting and suit fitting process was put underway and finally scheduling and crewing up for the shoot day. Our nimble production team shot both ads over one (albeit hot) 10-hour day.

With a quick turnaround required, post production was completed within the week after shooting. Music was selected from Artlist's high-quality stock music library and the ads were cut and colour graded and sent to Commercials Advice for free-to-air TV approval.

That's a Wrap!

We hope you enjoyed these ads for Kelly Country. If you have a production you'd like us to assist with, we've love to chat. The Global team love the opportunity to work on new ideas and deliver creative productions for our clients. Call us on (02) 9188 0835 or contact us via email here.


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