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There Really Is Nothing Else Like It.

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We asked a group of motorcycle enthusiasts what they loved about getting out on the bike and going for a ride and the unanimous response was "there really is nothing else like it". So with passion in our hearts, the right equipment at our disposal and a heart thumping motorcycle, we decided to create a film that would encapsulate that special feeling each rider has within them.

We all lead busy lives… Sometimes you just have to get out and explore the world… Allow yourself to be exposed to the elements… And focus on the one thing that actually matters… With one hand on the throttle, and a little wind down the line… Your heart revs with a feeling that floods throughout your whole body… Adrenaline... Exhilaration… Escape. There really is nothing else like it.

- The collective voice of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Behind the Scenes

We setup our dingy garage set in the back of the white cyc studio at Sydney Props Studios, utilising the rustic walls and concrete floor. We filled the room with haze as part of our lighting strategy and suspended an Aperture 300D LED light with chimera from the rafters to highlight the bike. Behind the talent is a small Dedo light that highlights the back of his head. And to the side we control the fill with a piece of poly board, bouncing additional level into his face.

The camera is stationed on a dolly track and pushes in towards the scene as the talent approaches the bike. After which we cut to a series of closeup product shots from around the bike, before moving to the riding scenes.

The film was shot using anamorphic lenses, that create the streaky blue flares.

Let Us Tell Your Story

We hope you enjoyed this film. If you have a project, we'd love to chat. You can get in touch with us here.


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