Corporate Video Production

We love creating audience engaging high-end corporate videos that deliver your brands core message.

High-End Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production in Sydney

Corporate video production – that’s what we do! We have years of experience producing high-end corporate videos for brands such as Toyota, Caltex, TAFE, Centuria Capital, BHP Billiton, Vopak Terminal Australia, The Department of Education, and many others.

Our Process

When producing a corporate video our process is to thoroughly investigate your marketing and communication objectives. We understand the requirements for success of an effective corporate video. During the pre-production stage we will work with you to extract all of the necessary information to script the content. In some cases, we will take the role of scripting the content for you and then present you the script for review. However in the circumstance where you will be providing the script or working with a separate copy-writing agency, we will seek to act as a script consultant from a professional producer’s standpoint. Once the process moves from pre-production through to production we will appropriately assemble our team to film the corporate video. Depending on the script requirement, our team may use a single camera or multi-camera setups to film the video. After filming, the video will go through the post-production process where it will be edited and colour graded, voiceover will be added if required, music selected and licensed, text and graphics applied and finally the video will be mastered to your desired distribution format such as DVD or MPEG-4 for internet streaming. As a corporate video production company Sydney (excuse the keyword phrase grammar!), every bit of our process is designed to produce a high quality corporate video that speaks to your target audience.

The Future of Corporate Video

Corporate videos have been around for decades but only now are they more effective than ever. This is because of its applications on the Internet. Previously, these were limited to distribution formats such as DVD. However with the ease of video streaming platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, the videos can be shared easily via the web, embedded on your company website and viewed on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn. We’ve titled this page “Corporate video production company Sydney” because we know that corporate video production is no longer the stuffy old video you saw in the 90’s, but rather an integral part of any modern online marketing strategy. So when you think “corporate video production company Sydney”, think Global Pictures.


“Global Pictures produced a quality DVD showcasing our range of Davell Australian made products, focusing on lockers.
 Global Pictures were very professional; from start to finish, nothing was a problem. We are very satisfied with the end result. 
I would highly recommend Global Pictures for your next DVD presentation.”

Brenton Gray – Managing Director, Davell Products