Training Video

Global Pictures have produced over 100 training videos.


Training Video Production Sydney

With over 100 training videos under our belt, we think it’s safe to say we know how to deliver a message in the most impactful manner.

There are two main types of training video production. The first type is for staff training, which is designed to improve their technical and product knowledge or behavioural protocols. The second type is for work health and safety training, which is designed to convey a workplace safety message to the viewer.

Staff Training Videos

These include training video production for:

  • Workplace induction
  • Products
  • Processes
Work Health and Safety Training Videos

These include training video production for:

  • Safety induction
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessment
  • First response
  • Workplace observation
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Manual handling
  • Injury prevention
  • Fatal risk control protocols
Benefits of Training Videos

Advantages of training video production includes the ability to deliver a consistent message; reduced need for trainers; present actual footage of the workplace; physically demonstrate the necessary procedures of a job; allow company leaders to talk directly with the trainee; reduce the cost of training; ensure proper implementation of procedures, consistency of delivery.


Our Process

The production of a good training video requires a deep understanding of the various methods of visual and auditory communication.

During pre-production, we work with you to develop the script that will be used as the basis of your new communication tool. Existing training materials such as PowerPoint presentations, procedural management plans or training manuals will help to develop the script. If the video is to be made self-assessable (this is where after each section of the video the user is asked multiple choice questions to be answered via a corresponding paper questionnaire or integrated software application) the assessment questions will also be developed as part of the script. Once the voiceover script is completed, our next job is to convert it to an AV script (or written storyboard), whereby written questions will denote the visual components of the training video in correspondence with the audio.

After pre-production is complete, our team will move into the filming process as per the scheduled shoot dates, followed by editing and post production back in the studio. On completion of the editing process, we’ll involve you in a client review process so that you have the opportunity to make any changes necessary.


“Greg and Ben are a great team to work with when creating video. In our case, training video and corporate video. I have no hesitation in recommending Global Pictures as a reliable and efficient business partner.”

John Cutler – Manager Service Operations, Toyota Australia