Corporate Video


The Toyota National Service Manager Conference videos are 2 of 5 pieces of content produced for the 2019 NSM event. Each 6 minute video was designed to create a total of 30 minutes of content to be presented over the course of a 2-hour presentation block which involved Q&A style talks and video content. 


Each video unearths a different challenge the featured dealership faced and their respective learning outcomes. The examples below include case studies from CMI Toyota in Adelaide and Sci-Fleet Toyota in Brisbane. Audience feedback was extremely positive, with one person providing the following statement:

“Without a doubt, the most effective session in my opinion was Eoin Clements' Dealer SGA videos and panel interview - a simply outstanding mix of live Dealer Panel interaction and the journey each Dealer undertook via video. Great work!”

And client feedback included:


"Overall really well received! Thank you for making somewhat dry topics engaging and interesting with the variation in shots – more than delivered on my original story board ideas!"