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How We Push the Boundaries of Video Production

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

When it comes to commercial grade video production, here at Global, our team push the boundaries in every way we can. So when dental industry game changer Open Wide Dentist (OWD) invited us to discuss producing a video for their upcoming product release in Florida, the ideas flying around the room were nothing short of grand.

The goal was to produce a 3 minute video outlining a common problem the dental industry is challenged with: getting people into the surgery. We then provided the solution: the game changing OWD Kit (the product). Presented to an audience of leading dentists from across America, the video delivers a thorough understanding on how the OWD Kit solves one of their major pain points, generates a new income stream, and enhances the patient/doctor relationship.

After initial concept discussions, our team were tasked with the following:

  • Script writing

  • Production planning and coordination

  • Scouting and booking 7 locations

  • 3 shoot days

  • Securing council permit to film in the Sydney CDB

  • Specialty camera, lighting, lenses and production gear

  • Voice over production with an American voice artist

  • Editing

  • High quality 3D animation

  • Music licensing

It's a decent to-do list, but we've done it all before (just take a look at our video productions for more examples take a look at AstraPool, Neptune CRM, Buildcorp, and many others).

So what's so boundary pushing about all this?

We deliver commercial grade production at a fraction of the cost.

We take care of the whole production process from start to finish, cutting out the need for expensive creative agencies, whilst ensuring the process remains easy for our clients.

And, we do it time and time again!

So how do we do this?

At Global, we've combined our unique mix of production know-how, efficiency and brand thinking to deliver boundary pushing video content that we know would cost our clients significantly more if they were to go through a brand agency. Here's a snapshot of how we do this:

1. State-of-the-Art Gear

We bring state-of-the-art level camera gear to our shoots to deliver cinema grade production. Take for example our 8K RED Digital Cinema Camera featured in the behind the scenes photos above. If you've ever wondered what kind of camera Hollywood use to film your favourite Netflix TV shows and movies with, this is it. Popular shows like Stranger Things, Lost in Space, The Queens Gambit and many others are all shot on RED.

The RED Digital Cinema Camera provides exquisite high resolution video with incredible detail, impeccable colour and the highest dynamic range of any camera - making our clients films look even more impressive. For these reasons, the high-end, big budget commercial production industry also often choose this camera to shoot with. But where most production companies have to budget the camera's pricey rental fee into their quotes, our RED camera comes at no extra charge!

At Global, we value picture quality so highly that we made this significant investment ourselves, and bought our own RED. Best part is, we don't on-charge the use of it to our clients in the form of hire costs.

Small production crews

Our mantra is use the smallest crew possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of production companies hire unnecessary crew, makeng the cost for the client (you) a lot higher. We love working with small, nimble crews, creating minimal footprint during production. Doing so means we can move faster and therefore shoot more without having to manage the unnecessary entourage of people often surrounding productions.

We put an emphasis on quality team training and so, they can effectively manage multiple responsibilities wherever possible. This in turn reduces the cost of production (for you) and improves efficiency during filming resulting in more video content! Win, win.

Streamlined production management

From pre-production through to post production we provide streamlined production management. Our producer manages the video project from start to finish, dealing directly with our production and post production crews to ensure every shred of client feedback is provided in detail to our team.

During the editing process, your producer will often include our editor in on the communication to enable our editor to share drafts, discuss any particular details and reduce the double handling of information. Our producer is across the production from start to finish. If you have a question at any point throughout your production you can ask your producer and they will have the answer.

Brand agency ideas

With our unique combination of hands on video production know-how and creative brand agency thinking, we are able to craft ideas that would otherwise not be possible without a big brand agency budget. This is due to the fact that we deeply understand the production process, which enables us to see where we can create cost efficiencies that will lead to better a production.

Does this mean we won't work with your brand agency? Absolutely not. In fact we're more than happy to work directly with your brand agency to ensure all the key brand points align. But for those projects where you choose to work directly with us, we'll bring all of the creative thinking, adhere to all of your brand guidelines, and deliver a high quality production that meets your brand expectations.

Top techs

We only work with professional crew. Our people are top level technicians working within the film and television industries from feature films to TV shows, commercials and corporate videos. Our team are professionally trained, highly experienced and deeply passionate about their craft. We believe in the commitment of teamwork and collaborate for a high standard, professional creative outcome. We hand pick our people for each job to ensure we place the right person with the appropriate skill set on each production. And together we provide our clients with a relationship based on quality, integrity and creativity (our core values) with each and every production.

The results

The OWD video was launched in Florida in May and was a huge success. As a product that in many ways is complicated to launch to the market, the video demonstrated the application and practicalities of the product while introducing new possibilities enabled by this creative innovation for the dental industry.

We also received fantastic feedback from our client, all thanks to our approach for delivering high quality commercial grade production.

That's a wrap!

We love what we do! If you have a project, we'd love to chat. You can get in touch with us by phone on (02) 9188 0835 or email here.


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