Corporate Video
About This Project

Redefining the corporate video, Global Pictures produced this video project in 2014. The video has been coined the “digital brochure” by the client who wanted a promotional video they could use in corporate presentations, on their website and all other marketing uses to showcase the variety and quality of the courses they offer.


Behind the scenes

In this video we go behind the scenes on a high-end corporate video production produced for TAFE SWSi by Global Pictures.

The production was a 5 day shoot, covering 6 colleges. The Global Pictures production crew worked very hard to ensure the highest possible quality outcome. The client brief was specifically looking to showcase the range of courses offered at TAFE SWSi and Director/Producer Ben Kumanovski developed and pitched the solution, which was then put into production. Utilising a range of cinematic techniques, the video offers a unique spin on the typical corporate video.


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