Corporate Video
About This Project

Global Pictures produced this corporate video for the client whose aim was to showcase the people within the business and the high level of detail and expertise they employ for their clients. The video was shot on location at the client’s office in Sydney, but also showcases one of Sydney’s iconic landmarks.


The cinematography includes an eclectic mix of timelapse, dolly and jib movements and shallow depth of field. The film was shot using a range of high quality cine prime lenses and cinema camera in combination with soft tungsten lighting to compliments the internal lighting, mixed with natural daylight entering through large windows. The result is a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with friendly professionals. 3D and 2D animation is also integrated throughout the film to heighten the experience.


Behind the scenes

A Behind the scenes video was also shot during production. Once you’ve seen the film, check out how we made it!


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