LOVE ALWAYS (featuring Holden Equinox)

'Love Always' is a story of appreciation, told by a little girl while on a family road trip as she reminisces about all of the beautiful things her mother does for her.


In February 2018 director & cinematographer Ben Kumanovski entered and won the Tropfest Holden Film competition with his entry 'In-Laws' . With the release of the new Holden Equinox, the brand invited filmmakers to create a short film that encapsulates the theme of ‘nothing to prove’ in the shortest time – just 7 seconds. The prize was a long weekend away in a Holden Equinox. From this, Ben and his team decided to write and produce a new film featuring the SUV and 'Love Always' is the result. 


Drawing on structural storytelling elements across narrative film and commercial production, coupled with carefully planned and executed cinematography, the film aims to tugs at the heartstrings as well as showcase the product in a stirring and meaningful way. 

The film was released on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in June, and the response from viewers has been overwhelming with positive reviews.