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Branded Content Production, Sydney

Branded Content / Native Advertising Production

Branded content is the fusion of advertising and entertainment. It’s an extremely effective tool for marketers as it aims to engage audiences with brands on an entertainment level rather than as a direct sell. This is why it differs in it’s creative construction from a corporate video or television commercial. Global Pictures are experienced, professional filmmakers and understand the storytelling process of taking a corporate message and delivering it as entertainment.


When done right, branded content can be an extremely effective tool for advertisers. The key to success lays within the advertisers ability to not only successfully advertise their product to their audience, but to also deliver the viewer an experience that makes them see the short film as something more than just an advertisement. Effective branded content productions are able to blend the advertisers message with the story in a seamless and transparent manner, making it a part of the story being told while still getting the message across to the consumer.

Our Process

As filmmakers our job is to create beautiful content. As producers our job is to develop stories that communicate your brands message and connect with your audience. At Global Pictures we do both of these things and our job starts with understanding your message. We’ll then work with you on developing an outline and then our director will work with our writer to develop the script. Our key objective in this stage of the creative process is to ensure your message is communicated whilst delivering your audience engaging content that they want to watch. Once the script writing process is complete, we move to all areas of production.

Case Study

Recently, Global Pictures were approached by the NSW Department of Education to produce a short film to introduce primary students to the hospital school system. The film aims to engage children and their parents, and communicate to them in a fun and entertaining way the hospital school system for students who may need to continue their schooling while attending hospital for an extended period of time. It also has a social component and as a carefully devised piece of branded content will be used to increase public awareness of the hospital school system. 

In execution of the brief, Global Pictures assembled the cast and crew, including an award winning comedy writer, and an acclaimed master puppeteer and produced a high level production, designed to achieve its goals. Other key creative areas of production also included a rich sound design and specially composed music.

The film is created as a musical with a primary school aged audience in mind. The main character is played by a puppet named Abigail, who is attending her first day of hospital school. A musical interlude makes for a fun transition from the classroom to the hospital ward.