2 Wins at the AVPA Awards


31 Mar 2 Wins at the AVPA Awards

Good news spreads fast. Global Pictures has won 2 awards at the Australian Video Producers Association AVPA Awards for our Mortgage House Mr. House TVC and our video production promotional showreel as shown to potential clients.

The AVPA is an industry association created to encourage and promote excellence in all areas of video production, guide the development and implementation of quality standards, guidelines and codes of conduct throughout the video production industry, provide our members with valuable information, resources and industry networking opportunities, act as an advocate for members to ensure fair and equitable treatment by government and the private sector, and provide a national forum that allows members to share knowledge and expertise.

With a list of professional categories to enter the awards ranging from TVC’s, corporate video production of various budgets, showreel, documentary, online commercial and many others it was challenging enough to choose the right pieces of work from our library of projects to enter. Settling on four categories to enter, we were very happy to have won two of them.


TVC as made for broadcast (Budget under $5,000), under 90 seconds


Global Pictures

Mortgage House



Promotional Showreel as shown to potential clients


Global Pictures



The Mr. House TVC is just one of a series of 25 episodes we are creating for Mortgage House over a 2 year period. Each commercial costing less than $5,000 to produce is a testament to our ability to deliver high quality production at affordable rates for our clients, and this is why I believe we have won this award category. Not many producers can deliver what we do for the budgets we deliver them for. Global Pictures key strength is it’s ability to deliver productions that look like they cost more than they actually did, and that’s something we’re proud of.

The Global Pictures Showreel is also something we’re proud of. We’ve cut it to not just showcase a pile of our best work but to also tell a story. We do this by weaving key moments from our films together, leaving the characters in our films to guide the work in an creative direction. Most production companies simply throw their showreels together with no real direction. I think the reason we were victorious in this category is because the Global Pictures showreel demonstrates our ability to tell stories, and deliver polished looking content full of creative direction.


A comment from the awards committee stated that “All award entrants submitted bodies of work that were competitively professional for their respective categories, with very few points separating winner, finalist, and those that so narrowly missed out.”


As a creative production agency working in the commercial film & video production space, we’re proud to be recognised for our work, and grateful to all our clients who give us the opportunity to create great things.

Award winner: Global Pictures video production

Global Pictures has won 2 awards at the AVPA Awards.

A full list of the categories and winners can be seen at the AVPA Awards website.

Global Pictures is an award winning creative video production agency delivering high-end corporate film, television commercial and branded content production across Sydney and Melbourne. For more information on how Global Pictures can help you on your next production click here to contact one of our producers.

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