Animation Production

Global Pictures offer professional 2D and 3D animation production.

 Animation Production Company

2D & 3D Animation Production Company in Sydney

As an animation production company Global Pictures produce creative and engaging animations to enrich and communicate your brands message. Animation can also be used to help to visualise complex processes or movements and allows creativity to flow beyond the eye of the camera. Global Pictures offer professional 2D and 3D animation services that can be created as either a stand-alone animated video or included as part of a professional video production, such as a 3D character, product or object.

Specialising in the creation of 2D, 3D, and motion graphics animation, we love creating videos. So whether it is animation for characters, product demonstrations, creative branding, and motion graphics or for specially filmed video, as an animation production company, Global Pictures have the solution.

Benefits of 3D Animation

Animation has come a long way in recent years with the capability of producing visuals equal to that of live action video. This is especially advantageous where shooting live action video would be far too cost prohibitive or physically impossible.  3D animation in live action video dramatically enriches the visual capacity of the video. Even as a stand alone visual medium, it has the power to creatively bring to life messages that are otherwise hard to communicate visually.

Benefits of Motion Graphics

In recent years, motion graphics have been a popular visual communication tool to promote ideas, sales messages, statistics or tell stories. Many motion graphics will incorporate 2D figures, while others will be completely text based. Motion graphic animations offer an alternative to shooting live action video, have a trendy, edgy creative look and are edited to music and/or professional voiceover, making them a dynamic and versatile video typically used online with company websites and social media. As an animation production company, Global Pictures stylised, creative motion graphics videos that will lift your brands online presence and effectively engage your target audience to communicate your message.