360° video: How to go full circle in your marketing! 

19 Sep 360° video: How to go full circle in your marketing! 

Did you know 4.7 hours a day is the average amount of time people spend on their mobile devices? Mobile devices offer an amazing platform for advertising opportunities. 360° video is an exciting new way to engage and immerse your mobile audience.

360° video

The wacky looking image above is from a 360° behind the scenes video we filmed at a recent Lowes TVC shoot.  360° technology isn’t to be viewed on a computer screen – this new technology has been developed exclusively for mobile devices but anyone with a smart phone can enjoy it – and that’s just about everyone!

Google and Facebook have made 360° video readily accessible to both marketers and consumers via the YouTube and Facebook video platforms.

Here’s how it works: Open this email again with your smart phone, make sure you have the YouTube app installed and click on the video below. The video – it will automatically play in the YouTube app.

As you watch, stand up and rotate your body. You’ll notice the video on the phone moves around too so that you can get a full 360° view of what’s happening.

You’re now watching a fully immersive 360° video.

Now think of the marketing opportunities 360° video has to offer!

The marketing opportunities with 360° video are huge. Consumers can now interact with brands and products in a whole new way online.

Imagine a real estate agent being able to speak to you as she walks you through each room of property. Imagine being able to take a virtual test drive in a new car. Or a manufacturer inviting you into their factory and showroom. Or a university letting you experience their practical courses.

The marketing possibilities are endless. Here’s how BMW used 360° video to promote the new BMW M2

Cool, huh?

Think about how can you immerse your audience of target customers with 360° video, and then let’s have a chat. It’s a new stage in creative online marketing video and we’d love to be at the forefront of it with you to help engage your audience.




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